Tri MG Airlines is envisioned to achieve the highest standards expected from an Airline company guided by a set of Business Philosophy designed by its Management Committee

Redevelopment & Refinement of the “AIRLINE CULTURE” within the Company that is acceptable by both local and international standards. This refinement is focussed on 3 main elements;
  • Inculcate continuous awareness on all its staff members of the nature of this business that is “Highly Regulated”. Staffs must be made aware that they are required to carry out their duties governed by strict rules and regulation shaped by Regulatory bodies.
  • Emphasis is given on “Safety” of human lives above all other priorities.Ensure that its staffs understand that 
  • The business is conducted mainly to achieve “Profitability” without compromising  safety and standards.
The Company promote the implementation of “Best Practice & Good Corporate Governance (GCG)” among which are those highlighted herewith;
  • The practice of “Collective Consultation Process” in decision making.
  • The practice of “Effective Internal Networking and Communication” among staffs
  • The practice of “Making Decisions based on Collective and Comprehensive Analysis”
  • The practice of enhancing its “Ability to Produce Proactive and Responsive Actions during Normal and Abnormal Circumstances”
  • The practice of “Promoting Tri MG Airlines’ Corporate Values”
  • The practice of “Implementing Clear and Quantitative Standard, Processes, and KPI within Budgets and Timelines”
  • The practice of “Striving for the Highest Standards for Shareholders Value”
To Carry out professional duties exercising sheer corporate values namely “INTEGRITY, ACCOUNTABILITY and HONESTY”
  • Emphasis on staffs character building and values
  • Sowing the trust of authorities, customers and among staff members as the underlying factor in carrying out business
  • Delivering its commitment with quality and style



We are an airline that mainly operates cargo aircraft on scheduled routes for contract charters and non-scheduled routes for ad-hoc charters.