Tri MG Airlines is a product of more than 50 years of development in diverse areas of the logistics business in South East Asia region. The Group have been in the logistics and transportation business since 1970 and are consistently active participants in the regional air cargo industry economic activities.

Tri MG Airlines is an Indonesian cargo carrier operating a fleet of freighter aircraft to different airports regionally. It was incorporated at the turn of the millennium in 2002.

The list of customers includes established MNCs who among others are the Caterpillar group Indonesia (CKB), and major courier companies with names like DHL, UPS, TNT, and FedEx. It also includes local and international freight forwarding companies and a diverse group of shippers including the regional national postal companies. Throughout the years, transported goods include a wide range of commodities at the requests shippers either for commercial or for government and humanitarian aid purposes.  Tri MG Airlines is a designated schedule cargo carrier of Indonesia and an established brand of this industry in this region.


We are an airline that mainly operates cargo aircraft on scheduled routes for contract charters and non-scheduled routes for ad-hoc charters.