A.Singapore and Indonesia Dometic Sector

  • Schedule and daily flights for sectors Singapore Changi Airport to Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport in Jakarta
  • Schedule and daily flights for sectors within domsetic Indonesia including Balikpapan, Batam, Medan, Menado, Makassar, Banjarmasin, Pontianak
  • Aircraft utilized is 3 units of B737-300F with registration number PK-YGH, PK-YGW and PK-MGI with maximum payload of 17 tonnes of cargo and 9 P1P pallet position. 
  • Main Customers include: 

          -PT. Cipta Kirda Bahari"CKB"(Trakindo/Caterpillar Group)
          -DHL Express
          -JNE Indonesia
          -PT. EKA
          -Courier Companies and Freight Forwarders
          -Indonesia Door to Door shipper
  • Balikpapan Oil Drilling shippers
B.Papua Sectors
  • Schedule charter operations in Papua Continent 20 flights weekly
  • Aircraft utilized is one unit of B737-300F. Registration Number PK-YGV, with maximum payload of 16 tonnes of cargo and 9 P1P pallet position.
  • Sectors of Operation:
           HLP/UPG    UPG/TIM           
           DJJ/WMX WMX/DJJ
           TIM/WMX WMX/TIM
  • Customers list include:
            -PT Bulog
            -Freeport Indonesia
            -Various local shippers
C.Spot Charters and non-schedule operations

At the request of various customers, Tri MG have performed the following sectors:
  • Singapore Changi Airport to all Indonesian Airports.
  • Singapore Changi Airport to Malaysian Airports especially KLIA, Subang Airport,Penang and Labuan.
  • Indonesian Airports to Singapore Changi Airport, Malaysian Airports, Thailand Airports, Cambodia, Phillipines, Hongkong, Australia, Colombo and U.A.E.
  • Domestic Indonesian Airports
D.Wet Lease operations

The wet lease operations have been conducted at the request of for foreign lessees in countries like Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. Tri MG have provided wet leases that include Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance or popularly know as ACMI leases. These wet lease operations usually last for a term of between 3 to 12 months.
E.Home Base- Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport

Halim Perdana Kusuma is a secondary airport in Jakarta, the Capital of Indonesia. The primary airport of Indonesia is Cengkareng Airport or also known as Sukarno Hatta Airport.
Tri MG Airlines is exclusively the home base cargo operator in Halim Airport. It is from this airport that Tri MG expand its wings to many destinations within Indonesia and to Singapore.
Tri MG Airlines has made Halim Airport its base for more than 15 years and established its head office in the airport itself. It serves more like a private airport for Tri MG’s operation and has assisted Tri MG to stay competitive and relevant in the industry ever since.

The capital of the Indonesian Papua province is Jayapura. This is where the sea port receives its daily deliveries from the Indonesian Java mainland for distribution into all the states of Papua province. As Papua is covered by heavy mountains and forest, building roads for inter cities connectivity is almost impossible except for some few areas. Transportation of people and goods are generally done by air. Wamena is the main receiving airport from Jayapura and Timika for road distributions to some other cities. This is where Tri MG provides its freighter aircraft to deliver the needs of the community there. Items carried include basic food necessities, construction materials, vehicles, metal and wood works and perishables. The flights are daily filled up to the brim to provide supplies required for each cities.


We are an airline that mainly operates cargo aircraft on scheduled routes for contract charters and non-scheduled routes for ad-hoc charters.